Benefits of Holding & Upcoming Drops 🧪

We’re happy to release our second detailed write-up about another central part of our Roadmap. ⚡

Upcoming Free Drops

Wait whaaat? Our vision for the Sneaky Goblins is to have an evolving lore with the introduction of new characters, items & utility. We have planned on 3 upcoming drops after the initial genesis collection that are essential to the ecosystem we’re building.

Nice you got my interest! What are the collections about?
Each collection has a specific utility that is part of the evolving ecosystem we’re building, here’s the plan:
1. Booster Collection (utility: to increase your daily yield) -> We are considering 2 options (Companions or Equipment) that could be included in the Lore and will let the holders decide through a governance vote.
2. Second Character of the lore — we don’t wait to give away too many details about this one at this point to keep it as a surprise. But it has to do with : Goblins, $xSERUM & Mutations
3. Sneaky Pass, which is basically an Alpha & Tools Pass. More details on the utility and benefits of the pass on tomorrow’s detailed write-up.

Ok sounds cool, but what do you mean Free?
Noticed that I put free between “”? It’s because, basically, it’s free if you hold and stake your goblins and meet a few requirements.
The mint will cost $xSERUM tokens to burn so if you stake long enough you’ll be able to mint for free without spending more ETH.
1. Booster Collection -> Only burn $xSERUM to mint.
2. Second Character NFT -> Hold 2 Goblins + burn $xSERUM
3. Sneaky Pass -> Hold 3 Goblins + burn $xSERUM

Our goal through the ecosystem we’re building is that you receive at least 5–10X the value of what you spent on the initial mint from the different features, benefits & educational content we will be providing.

We are really super excited about what has been done so far and what’s coming for the Goblins and I hope you are too Goblin Nation! 🔥



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Sneaky Goblins

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